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High Performance DAC
It utilizes ESS high performance Hi-Fi audio DAC chip ESS9280AC Pro, which provides a high SNR of 119dB and a dynamic range of 120dB. Support DSD512 for the lossless music.

Delicate Sound
With the help of Panasonic film capacitor, it delivers excellent frequency characteristics and delicate sound. Provide a longer service life and a more stable hearing experience.

High Impedance, Large Thrust
The adaptive impedance among 16Ω - 600Ω, can output up to 62mW power at 32Ω. It delivers the punchiest bass, which could be a good partner of HiFi headphones for achieving amazing.

High Energy Efficiency & Low Power Consumption
It can reduce the power consumption of front end devices to a greater extent thanks to a built in low power management chip.

Rich Application Scenarios
ATOM 3 has built-in game mode and support Switch firmware, delivering you a better gaming experience.

Tiny Size, More Portable
Support Type C and Lightning ports, more convenient. It works well with smartphones and other front end devices.

Features :
Femtosecond Crystal Oscillator
Low Power Consumption Power Management Chip
Panasonic Thin Film Capacitor
60Ω High Impedance
62mW Large Thrust

Technical Specification :
Decoding Chip : ESS9280AC Pro
Output Port : 3.5MM SE
Input : Type C / Lightning
Frequency Response : 0.032dB@20Hz~40kHz
Output Power : 16Ω (022mW), 32Ω (62mW), 600Ω (7.4mW)
SNR : > 119dB
Dynamic Range : > 120dB
Harmonic Distortion+N : 0.0004%
Sampling Rate : PCM up to 32bit/768kHz + DSD up to 512

Audirect Atom3 / Atom 3 Portable USB DAC / Amplifier - type c

Colour: grey
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