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Cayin HA-3A
Transformer Coupled, Balanced Driven Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier

◆ Point to point wiring with premium grade of wires. The entire circuitry is hand-wired by skillful craftsman.
◆ Matched-pair custom build EI output transformers.
◆ In-house Designed Premium Toroid Power Transformer with high inductance and high efficiency.
◆ 22DE4 from RCA are used as Tube Rectifier providing stable and clean power supply to the Voltage Amplification Stage.
◆ Multi-stage independent power supply voltage amplification employs independent regulator design minimum ripple effect of power interference ensure outstanding audio performance, free from any grain and hardness.
◆ Dedicated implementation of single-ended amplification circuit offer simple, pure and d evoted music presentation.
◆ JJ 12AU7/ECC82 are used for voltage amplification.
◆ JJ 6V6S are used for power amplification.
◆ Premium grade RealCap coupling capacitor improves resolving capability and soundstage.
◆ High quality Neutrik 6.35mm single-ended headphone, NIPPON DICS 4.4mm balanced headphone, and Neutrik 4-pin balanced headphone are included.
◆ In-house designed output transformers provide three set of impedance matched outputs (High, Mid, Low) from 8Ω to 600Ω at your direction.
◆ Two sets of line input XLR balanced RCA single-ended.
◆ Strong output power to match with wide range of headphone in the market.
◆ High performance Alps Potentiometer offers durable, high-precision Volume Control.
◆ Soft start function (about 60 seconds).
◆ Special shielding and anti-shock design.
◆ Design with an innovative circuit layout and highly effective shielding consideration, the components will function at premium environment to ensure high quality audio performance form the amplifier.

Cayin HA-3A

Colour: Black
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