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◉ Discrete fully-balanced 1-Bit Resistor Network “DSD” DAC
◉ Discrete fully-balanced Low Pass Filter with BJT driver
◉ Discrete fully-balanced Headphone Amplifier with JFET input stage and BJT amplification.
◉ FPGA/Audio Bridge to re-shape, de-jitter and transcode/oversample PCM to DSD512
◉ Dual Amplification Mode (Choice of Class A/Class AB)
◉ High Quality “unamplified” single-ended and balanced Line Out
◉ Unique variable-voltage single-ended and balanced Pre Out
◉ 4-ch resistor ladder electronic controlled analog volume from JRC
◉ Decode DSD512 natively; support PCM up to 32bit/768kHzk; 16x MQA decoder
◉ Headphone Outputs: 3.5mm Single Ended and 4.4mm Balanced
◉ Shared Line and Pre Output: 3.5mm Single Ended and 4.4mm Balanced
◉ Digital Interface: USB In, USB Out, Coaxial Output, I2S Output.
◉ Snapdragon 665 CPU, 4G RAM, 64G Internal, 1xTF card (up to 1TB)
◉ Android 12 with Google Play preinstalled, streaming ready
◉ DTA bypass Android SRC, Hi-Res playback to all applications
◉ Dual Band Wifi: 2.4G/5G.
◉ 9000mAh Battery with a duration of 6 to 10 hours.
◉ 5" TFT multi-point touch screen.

Cayin N7 / N 7 Pure 1-bit Master Quality Digital Audio Player / DAP

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