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Summary of RU7 Features
Fully Balanced 1-Bit Discrete Resistor Network DAC
1/1000 ultra-high precision TCR25 low-temperature coefficient thin film resistors
Native decode DESD64/128/256, support PCM up to 384kHz.
User-selectable All-to-DSD
Users can specify DSD64/128/256 DSD output formats through menu setting
Different DSD output settings might sound slightly different and drain more power when a higher-resolution output format is selected.
100 steps 3-segment High Precision Resistor Array Volume Control
Hardware Volume +/- button
TWO 6-layer PCB, digital and analog circuits on separate boards
3.5mm single-ended phone output delivers 160mW per channel at 32Ω loading
4.4mm balanced phone output delivers 400mW per channel at 32Ω loading
Compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, Windows 7/8/8,1/10, and DAP with USB Audio output
Type-C USB Audio, Shield USB-C to USB-C cable bundled
High/Low gain control
Compact and seamless CNC aluminum chassis with 1” 128x64 OLED screen
66mm x 24mm x 12mm, ~25g net weight.
Green Leather cases bundled
Optional USB-C to lightning cable CS-L2C (purchased separately)


Cayin RU7 RU 7 RU-7 Dongle DAC

Colour: Black
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