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DD DJ35A could be used for 2.5mm TRRS balanced cable, for example the cables from brands like FiiO, Astell&Kern, etc.

Well-Considered Design

Are you getting sick of the long and cumbersome adapter? Now you have a better choice! It's such a small and exquisite thing that could bring So much convenience.

Every Detail Counts

The full transparent housing allows you to see all details inside It adopts flexibke gold-plated PCB connection on the joint, to avoid problems like dissymmetry or cross-interference caused by traditional wire welding. The matal parts for fixing the shell are all made by stainless steel material to ensure the adapter is durable enough for your daily use.

DJ35A - about 2.5g
•Dimensions (LxWxT):
DJ35A - about 9mmx 13mmx 8.5mm
*The dimensions exclude the plugs.
Transparent shell (PC)
Metal shell (Stainless steel)
Plug (24k gold plated copper)


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