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ER4XR is the highest-performing single driver in-ear monitor. The IEM shells are made of anodized aluminum, CNC machined with extremely tight tolerances. Using a single Balanced Armature (BA) driver allows for extremely accurate IEM without the added complexity of crossovers, and helps keep the aluminum body small and slim. The included high-quality user-replaceable cable is reinforced and twisted, to improve longevity and durability.

Etymotic IEMs are world renowned for their class-leading passive isolation, providing 35-42 dB attenuation (depending on ear tips used and the depth of insertion). For comparison, most custom IEMs provide approx. 25-28dB attenuation and foam ear plugs attenuate up to 32 dB. The ER4XR is a must-have for audiophiles and consumers, looking for very accurate in-ear monitors with a taste of added bass, for a more “fun” sound signature.

Which ER4 is right for you?

Both ER4 models, the ER4SR and ER4XR, use the same Balanced Armature (BA) drivers. The only difference is the tuning of the lower (bass) frequencies. The ER4SR, being the “reference” model, is tuned to be as precise and flat as possible. The ER4XR, being the “fun” model, is tuned with added bass. As you can see from the frequency response graphs below, ER4XR adds 1-2dB to the mid-bass frequencies (below 200Hz) and 3-4dB to the lower-bass and sub-bass (below 100Hz). The rest of the frequencies are practically identical.

ER4SR is ideal for sound engineers and mixing technicians who must have a precise and accurate sound reproduction across all frequencies. ER4SR is the IEM of choice for audiophiles and consumers who like to listen to their music exactly the way it was recorded.

Etymotic Research ER4XR Extended Range in-Ear Monitor

Colour: Black
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