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BACA *Syarat dan Ketentuan Garansi* di "Info Penting" atau di "Catatan Toko"
NOTE: Membeli dianggap sudah membaca dan megerti
Syarat dan Ketentuan Garansi
›Nostalgic Cassette Player.
›Portable and Handy.
> Low WOW and Flutter Rate.
›Super Large Pure Copper Flywheel.
>100% Pure Analog Sound Performance.
>Customized Balanced Amplification Magnetic Head.
>Classic Audiophile-Grade OPAMP JRC5532.
>High-Voltage Driven Motor Power Supply.
›Full-Aluminum Alloy Dual-Color Body.
>13-Hours Battery Life.
>Dual-Mode Power Supply Design.
Dive deeper into the allure of analog audio with the all-new FiO CP13. This specially developed portable cassette player takes you on a joyride to the good old days when audio cassettes used to be the main source of audio enjoyment. FiO has created the CP13 with a retro walkman style design theme in a colorful dual-tone metallic body. It comes equipped with high-quality components like super large pure copper flywheel, customized high-power OPamp design, mechanical buttons, etc. They provide a nostalgic emotional experience with the performance of a modern device.
So, are you ready to take a step towards the analog generation?? Just dust off your old cassettes and dive back into the good old days of pure music enjoyment.

FiiO CP13 / CP 13 / CP-13 Portable Stereo Cassette / Tape Player - BLACK&WHITE

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