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FiiO KA17 / KA-17 / KA 17 High End Dongle Amplifier w/ Dual ES9069 DACs
Dual ES9069 high-end DAC
XMOS XU316, supporting full MQA decoding and PEQ sound effects with a 192k sampling rate
Supports PCM 768K sampling rate and DSD512
THX 38 headphone amplifier (THX28 power-enhanced + smaller form factor)
Push-button: Desktop Mode (desktop amplifier mode, high-power output)
BAL maximum output power of 650mW
0.91-inch dot matrix display screen, showing more status information
Main TYPE-C port (power, data) + side TYPE-C port (power supply, used for desktop amplifier mode)
4.4mm as well as 3.5mm output
Volume button + play button + desktop amplifier switch + display screen
3.5mm interface compatible with SPIDF output

FiiO KA17 DAC and Headphone AMP Amplifier w/ Dual ES9069 DACs KA 17

Colour: Black
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