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Meet the latest flagship Android music player from the house of FiiO, the FiiO M17. Featuring a Top-of-the-line ES9038Pro Dual DAC chipset, the M17 provides you with impeccable high-resolution audio decoding performance. It is supported by THX788 Pro, a desktop-grade powerful THX amplifier for tremendously powerful output. The M17 is capable of providing up to 3000mW of power, that is up to 3W of power through its balanced output. FiiO M17 is the latest almighty flagship catering you for your high-resolution audio needs!!

The Almighty Flagship:
Among the wide range of products that FiiO offers, the M17 is the ultimate flagship music player. It adopts a dual DAC chipset with two high-performance ES9038Pro DAC chips. It is a 32-Bit premium Sabre DAC that delivers excellent high-resolution audio signal decoding with low distortion and high SNR ratings.

Desktop-Grade THX Amplifier:
THX is behind many successful desktop and portable headphone amplifiers. They partnered with FiiO for many products including Q3, M11 Plus LTD, and more. But all those had the mobile version of THX amplifiers, the Latest M17 here features a desktop-grade THX-788 amplifier that provides up to 3W of output power when connected to a DC power supply. While using the device on battery, it gets lowered a bit for better battery life.

Just Name The Output You Need, FiiO M17 Houses Everything:
3.5mm+2.5mm+4.4mm+6.35mm, name any headphone output port, the M17 features them all. It supports headphone output with 3.5mm and 6.35mm single-ended, as well as 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced headphone output. The device also has separate single-ended and balanced line-out ports via independent 3.5mm and 4.4mm ports.

Large Display With FHD Panel:
A Large device required a large display for crisp image quality. The FiiO M17 houses a large 5.99" full HD 1080P display that produces crisp, high-quality visuals with stunning colors and detail.

Fiio M17 / M 17 Flagship Portable Desktop Digital Audio Player

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