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The Zeus Elite has been upgraded with a new 50mm long-stroke layered diaphragm

This sandwich design ensures more uniform vibrations across the membrane and reduced distortions that can result from segmented reverberations. This linear performance enhances the clarity and definition in the sound, while allowing greater dynamic range. Upgraded with a new 50mm long-stroke layered diaphragm for improved clarity, definition, and dynamic range.

Composite bio membrane design in the diaphragm enhances responsiveness, resulting in faster and stronger bass slams and smoother high frequencies.

Daichi CCAW Voice Coil

The Zeus Elite has paired the new diaphragm membrane with the ultralight Japanese Daichi CCAW premium voice coil, which makes driving the diaphragm effortless. Together with a stronger magnetism and superior magnetic field design, the Zeus Elite sounds crisp, agile, and life-like.

Harmonic Dyne: The Pursuit of Better Sound

Harmonic Dyne’s goal is to deliver better sounding audio to the everyday music lover. Harmonic Dyne has made its global success through several crowdfunding campaigns, including the Helios, Zeus, and Poseidon headphones. Each of these launches achieved the combination of amazing acoustic performance, bespoke craftsmanship, and budget-friendly affordability.


Acoustic architecture : Open Back
Drivers : 50mm Dynamic
Headphone Connectors : Dual 3.5mm
THD : 0.25%@1KHz 100dB SPL
Sensitivity : 105dB/Vrms@1KHz
Impedance : 32Ω@1KHz
Frequency Response : 10-70KHz(Free Field)
Ear cup : Zebra Wood
Ear-pads : Suede Fabric+Leather
Cable Details : 4.4mm Balanced Cable; XLR-4pin Balanced Cable
Dimensions : 210*175*105(mm)
Weight : Approx.360g

HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite Flagship 50mm Suspension Diaphragm Headphone

Colour: Black
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