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HiFiMAN is now shipping its third generation of acclaimed Arya headphone: Arya Organic. The Arya Organic is notable for an updated industrial design that features a wood earcup for a fuller sound signature, while retaining the wide soundstage and neutral response that made the original Arya and its Stealth Magnets sequel two of the company’s most successful models.

With an ergonomic design to comfortably fit most listeners, the Arya incorporates unique HiFiMAN features such as the patented “window shade” system that reduces reflections to widen the soundstage. A super-thin diaphragm guarantees faster response and bare minimum distortion.

Traditional magnets generate sound waves that can introduce interference. The special shape of HiFiMAN's Stealth Magnets enable the waves to pass through without interference. This design is acoustically transparent minimizing the degradation of the sound waves and lowering distortion to produce accurate sonic output.

A breakthrough core technology developed by HiFiMAN, it’s the first of its kind in headphone applications. Working with this advanced material is extremely challenging, but the successful incorporation of this film as the Arya’s planar driver is the cornerstone of its remarkable sound.

Frequency Response: 8Hz - 65kHz
Impedance: 16Ω
Sensitivity: 94dB
Weight: 440g (15.5oz)

Hifiman Arya Organic

Colour: Black
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