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Next-Generation From An Iconic Series

Blessing series of hybrid IEM is one of the most successful series of in-ear monitors from Moondrop. The Blessing 3 is the 3rd generation of this successful series, implementing the research and development of many years in a precisely designed hybrid pair promising a top-quality sound experience for the listeners.

Six Driver Advanced Hybrid Driver Configuration

Moondrop has designed the latest Blessing 3 with an advanced six-driver hybrid configuration on each side. The pair houses a combination of two powerful dynamic driver units and four high-performance balanced armature driver units. The drivers are arranged together in a specially developed frequency crossover promising a pure sound with a balanced three-frequency response!!

Specially-Developed Horizontally Opposed Dual Dynamic Driver module

The Blessing 3 continues the legacy of physical crossover design with its specially developed 3D-printed acoustic cavity structure. The dual dynamic drivers inside the cavity are placed in a horizontal manner parallel to each other. Moondrop has featured dual 10mm dynamic driver units on the Blessing 3 that together with its horizontal parallel implementation produces a strong lower-end response with less distortion.

Precise Designed 3D Printed Acoustic Cavities

Following the footsteps of previous models, the latest Blessing 3 features specially designed 3D printed acoustic cavities. The shells are crafted using a high-precision process achieving a premium finish with an ergonomic shape that contributes to achieving a good fit for the users. Moondrop adopts high-quality skin-friendly Resin material to craft ergonomic and lightweight shells.

Stunning Finish With Stainless Steel Face Covers

Moondrop Blessing 3 looks extraordinary with stunning stainless steel face covers. 

Moondrop Blessing 3 2 DD + 4 BA Hybrid Driver In Ear Monitor Earphone

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