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10MM Composite Cavity Dynamic Structure.
Adopting the Aria's decentralized dynamic structure, the high performance 10mm composite cavity with high frequency phased waveguide leverages a N52 Nd magnet internal magnetic circuit and 0.035m ultra thin imported CCAW sound coil to obtain high energy conversion efficiency, and deliver outstanding performance with full dynamic range and rich detail.

Accurate Calculation of Acoustic Coupling Cavity.
In order to match the frequency response as closely as possible to the VDSF Target Response, the acoustic coupling cavity needs to be carefully controlled. Through volume and dimension calculation, FEA finite element simulation and 3D printing experiment verification, an acoustic coupling cavity has been created which can accurately reproduce the ideal frequency response.

Alloy Casting External Cavity.
The metal outer cavity is manufactured from alloy materials using melting and injection molding technology, thus creating a stable, precise and esthetically pleasing cavity that is both durable and reliable.

Equipped with Spring Tips.
Spring tips supress undesireable resonance through a special diffusion structure, significantly reducing high frequency linear distortion caused by nozzle resonance, and optimizing natural high frequency timbre.

Earphone Specification :
Material : Zinc Alloy
Driver : 10MM High Performance Dynamic Driver
Diaphragm Material : Titanium Coated
Sound Coil : 0.035MM Ultra Fine Black CCAW
Sensitivity : 120dB / Vrms (@1kHz)
Impedance : 28Ω±15% (@1kHz)
THD : THD@1kHz ≤1%
Frequency Response : 10Hz - 35kHz

Moondrop CHU 10MM Composite Diaphragm Hi-Fi In Ear Earphone - With Mic - non mic

Colour: Black
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