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he single, red PSI Audio A14-M Studio is a compact, powered, nearfield monitor designed to be tonally balanced with high-resolution detail and efficient transient response for accuracy in small surround setups and small studio environments. The bi-amplifier delivers 70W to the 5.8" woofer and 30W to the 2.8" tweeter, which combine to provide a frequency response of 56 Hz to 22 kHz at an SPL of 112 dB per pair.

The PSI Audio A14-M Studio incorporates all the technology from its larger siblings including the AOI output stages, while the active crossover with integrated CPR delivers an impulse behavior with accurate stereo imaging. The rear panel offers a balanced XLR input and features a volume control and a roll-off control for optimizing the low frequencies for standalone use or when using an optional subwoofer. The PSI Audio A14-M Studio includes a power cord, anti-slippage stickers, and an individual frequency-response diagram.

Flat frequency response
Optimized directivity by phase coherency
Protection circuits with overload indicator
True balanced input
Designed for stereo and multichannel monitoring
Magnetically shielded for use near video monitors
Adaptive Output Impedance (AOI)
The AOI is made up of a system that detects the movement of the membrane and the coil, as well as a filtered counter reaction. This is then tuned to achieve the ideal dampening rate for each frequency
Acoustic Load Guide (ALG)
The ALG is used in all regular 2-way and 3-way PSI Audio speakers. The shape and dimensions of the waveguide used in PSI Audio's custom tweeter is specially designed to optimize directivity, maximize sound-pressure level, and extend bandwidth
Compensated Phase Response (CPR)
The CPR system is made up of several all-pass filters, each acting in a specific range. Combined, they create a compensated phase response, which provides a constant group delay that is kept to the bare minimum through the entirely analog technology
Phantom Standby Control (PSC)
The PSC technology enables remote activation and deactivation of the standby mode of your loudspeakers via the signal cable

PSI AUDIO A14-M Studio Compact Nearfield Powered Monitor

Colour: Maroon
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