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Meet the all-new Softears Twilight, a pair of premium single dynamic driver in-ear monitors with a unique twisted ear shell design. The pair looks identical to the flagship Turii from Softears. Softears has designed the pair with a 10mm large dynamic driver that uses PU suspension+DLC diamond-like Dome diaphragm for a powerful sound performance. Softears Twilight has got a slogan associated with it that says "Twist Your Ears Twice".
', as this is the second pair after Turii to feature a unique twisted shell design.
Softears Twilight features precisely crafted uniquely twisted-shaped Ear shells. The shell body is made up of high-purity aviation-grade aluminum alloy material.
Softears has used a high-precision CNC carving method for processing the shells with a smooth and premium finish. With high-quality aluminum alloy material for the shells, the shells are extremely lightweight, each shell weighs just only 6grams.
Softears Twilight features a large 10mm dynamic driver unit with PU Suspension and DLC Diamond-like Dome composite diaphragm coil. The driver features a 0.035mm Daikoku voice coil for premium performance.
Softears has brought the best out of this powerful dynamic driver with professional tuning and quality
components. Each pair of earphones are produced and paired separately!!

Softears Twilight Dynamic Driver IEM Earphone

Colour: Black
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