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New-Generation DMT4 Dynamic Driver
Tanchjim has featured its latest DMT4 architecture dynamic driver on the 4U. It has a dual-cavity design with an optimized cavity structure for enhanced sound reproduction. This driver adopts a high-quality LCP composite material diaphragm that produces crystal clear sound with low distortion and high clarity.
Solid and High-Performance Composite Diaphragm
The composite diaphragm is specially designed for the
4U, and combined with the curvature of the cavity it has been designed with FEA simulation technology. The diaphragm has a rigid and flexible structure that produces a strong lower-end response with large dynamic performance.
Four-Way Adjustable Circuit Filter System
For the 4U, Tanchjim has designed a special 4-way adjustable circuit filter system. This has a simple mechanism on the inner side of the pair, you can turn the mechanism around with the tool included in the package.
It will adjust the bass response on the pair, giving you four different signatures in a single set.
High-Power Magnetic Design
Tanchjim 4U has a High-Power magnetic structure design that produces a strong magnetic flux. It results in easy driveability, wider dynamic range, and lower distortion in the output signal. Tanchjim 4U packs a wonderful sound in a sleek and compact package.

The design of the 4U ear shells is inspired by the Gray Rabbit, It has a smooth and exquisite mirror finish that matches the soft body shape of the rabbit. The pair has an overall U-shaped design with a zinc alloy frosting technique to give a premium in-hand feel for the users.

Tanchjim 4U / For U DMT4 LCP Dynamic Driver In Ear Monitor Earphone

Colour: Silver
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