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The DX1 uses newest sub-flagship AK4493S chips of AKM's VELVET Sound Technology. AK4493S is an upgraded version of the previous AK4493.

Plug & Play.
DX1 has a wide range of compability : Windows 10, Windows 11, MACOS, Linux, IOS, Android can be plug an play.

No Adapter Required.
Like other USB device, DX1 does not require an additional adapter for power supply. Only one USB cable can complete the power supply and data transmission.

Discrete LNRD.
The discrete LNRD circuit filters out the noise and interference of USB 5V power and provides stable and clean power supply of ultra-low noise reference level of DX1.

Powerful Output.
In such tiny size, DX1 can provide a maximum output of 280mW x2 without additional power supply.

2 Gain Settings.
DX1 provides 2 gain settings, which greatly expands the range of headphone adaptation.

Features :
AKM 4493S DAC Chip
XMOS XU208 Chip
No Adapter Required
Hi-Res Certification
Support File DSD256 and PCM384
Powerful Output
2 Gain Settings

topping DX1 Hi-Res AKM4493S DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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