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A new level discrete amplifier

LA90 Discrete, an unprecedented performance benchmark will bring you a breathtaking listening experience. The newly developed discrete NFCA power amplifier reaches a new level of pristine sound and accuracy. The unprecedented level of performance will bring you the absolute amaze on the sound quality.

A high-precision CNC machined all-aluminum enclosure

The LA90 Discrete's housing is a high-precision CNC machined all-aluminum enclosure that provides exquisite detail and rugged protection. Passive cooling on both sides provides reliable and fast heat dissipation for the LA90 Discrete's amplifier circuitry.

Low distortion while outputting high power

The LA90 Discrete's THD+N is already as low as an excellent DAC. It means a more accurate reproduction of the music source. The LA90 Discrete has a very wide working range with low distortion under load.

BTL mode

High current discrete output circuit gives higher bridging power. With 4 ohms bridged, up to 180W of power is enough to make the sound more complete and fuller.

Easily switching to other Devices

LA90 Discrete is equipped with 12V Trigger input and output trigger interface, which can be linked with other devices to switch on and off without the tedious operation of turning on and off one by one

Multiple configurations and combinations
The LA90 Discrete can be configured in the common stereo two-channel mode or in high-power mono mode, with a minimum load of 40 when using the mono mode. LA90 Discrete can be set up as a combined machine and can control its own volume. LA90 Discrete can be configured into a power amp without volume control. This is convenient especially for dual mono use. The LA90 Discrete can be used with the D9OSE DAC, which is almost the lowest distortion DAC + amplifier combination.

Topping LA90 Discrete / LA90D Flagship NFCA Power Amplifier - Black

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