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Real Materials for Real Experience.
Through is braided with 4 Core High Purity 5N Single Crystal Copper Silver Plated Wires, 7 strands per core, 13 wire of 0.06mm high purity 5N single crystal copper silver plated for each strand with total of 364 wires!

High Cost Effectiveness Worry Free Choice.
Through has gone through various strict quality test. Salt Spray Test, Swing Test, Plug Test, Tensile Test, Combustion Test, Impact Test and etc.

High Quality Materials Exquisite Craftmanship.
The wire is wrapped by imported PVC material, which makes the body soft and tough.

Cable Specification :
Product Name : Through
Color : silver
Interface : MMCX
Specifications : 13 wires per strand, 7 strands per core, total 364 wires of 4 cores
Length : 1.25m
Plug diameter : 3.5mm / 2.5mm / 4.4mm
Wearing method : around the ear

Tri Through 4 Core Single Crystal Copper Cable - MMCX - 4.4MM

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