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Excellent Objective Indicators.
Zero has a proper low frequency gain and high frequency response in line with HRTF characteristics, which makes zero own the objective index comparable to that of professional monitor earphones.

High Quality Cable.
Four strands of high quality silver plated cable, combined with the universal 0.78 2Pin interface, achieves excellent sound quality, and expands the possibilities by changing cable.

Earphone Specification :
Diaphragm Material : PU + LCP composite diaphragm
THD : THD@1kHz≤1%
Sensitivity : 117.5dB/Vrms (@1kHz)
Impedance : 10Ω±15% (@1kHz)
Frequency Response : 20Hz - 39500Hz
Cable : Oxygen Free Silver Plated

TruthEar x Crinacle Zero Dual Dynamic Driver In Ear Monitor Earphone

Colour: Blue
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