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Tube + Transistor Hybrid Amplifier
XDUOO MT-602 adopts 6J1 tube for pre-amp and transistors for class-A buffer. The front tube amplifier and rear transistor combine the advantages of two amplifier circuits to achieve the ideal sound effect and make you immersed in the happy atmosphere of music.

Compact Portable Headphone Amplifier
As it adopts transistors for buffer, strong output power up tp 1300mW, can easily drive many kind of headphones. Moreover, designed with palm size(12*7.8*4cm), it’s easy to carry everywhere for real-time HiFi music experience

Professional Capacitance
Apart from adopting the special enthusiast Japanese ELNA capacitance as the coupling capacitance to present have transparent and sweet sound, it also adopts the special enthusiast Japanese RUBYCON capacitance as the main filter capacitance to reach smooth and warm sound, and splendid high frequency..

Volume Control, AUX In/Out
This model is designed with one line output, through the tube, and controlled by volume. lt can be used as the Pre-amplifier of all kinds of audio amplifier or active speaker, and improve the sound quality of audio amplifier or active speaker.

Matte Surface, Aluminum Alloy Shell
MT-602 is more than it’s amazing features, it is exquisitely built as well. Follow the modern minimalism design, it’s crafted with simple elegant look with matte surface, made of aluminum alloy. You will truly explore the beauty of it when you hold it and enjoy HiFi music

Features :
Tube + Transistor Hybrid Amplifier
2x 6J1 Tube
Class A Transistor
Japanese ELNA Capacitance
RCA Port Gold Plated
Aluminum Alloy Shell

Technical Specification :
Power Supply : DC 12V/1A
Output Power : 1300mW (32 Ohm)
THD + N : ≤0.1% (1Khz & 32 Ohm)
Frequency Response : 10Hz - 60KHz (±0.5dB)
Suitable Headphone Impedance : 16 - 600 Ohm
Gain : +15dB
Size : 12x7.8x4 cm
Weight : 0.38 kg
S/N : 115dB

xDuoo MT-602 High Performance Tube ClassA Headphone Amplifier

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